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Black Salt For Witchcraft

Black Salt For Witchcraft

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Hawaiian Black Salt 

Black salt witchcraft ritual salt - Hawaiian Salt (course) used in protection spells, drive away those who would harm you (whether physical or spiritual).

How To Use Black Salt?

  1. Sprinkle black salt around your home
  2. Banish evil or remove negativity from environment, scatter a pinch of black sat in the area and vocalize or visualize the energy leaving.
  3. Ward off unwanted people or influences, sprinkle some black salt outside your doors while naming the person or entity.
  4. Use pinch of black salt in your bath to cleanse your aura or use it to purify a space.
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Kasi Lehr
Magickal black salt

I received my order lightning fast! It came with a free gift & neat business card. And, I could easily feel the magick! Many thanks, and I'll order again!