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Magic Witch Ritual Wands, Amethyst & Rose Quartz Crystal Wand

Magic Witch Ritual Wands, Amethyst & Rose Quartz Crystal Wand

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Long Wooden Magic Witch Wand

Magic Wands are awesome tool for manifestation and empowerment. For centuries, the magic wand has been a symbol of power, leadership, and protection. Witchcraft Wands help you focus energy, channel your intent, and most importantly help guide your path to magick. Awaken the artist, magician, warrior, or healer within you, then we have the crystal witch wand for you!

A real magic wand does not cast spells; people who use wands cast spells. Magic does not come from a magic wand; it does not hold the power to do magic. Magic comes from the user. Magic wands are a tool that helps focus the user's ability and power to cast spells. A magic wand is meant to aid the user in their natural abilities to manifest with or without it. The real magic comes from within each of us.

Our handmade Crystal wands are beautiful pieces of art that are designed with specific intent. Each crystal wand has been infused with our finest intentions and powerful, made from red rosewood. Used for casting spells and work with the elements, aligning your chakras, and healing. Made from Red Rosewood growth process absorbs the most primitive forest magic energy. Later, the witch wands are blessed wwith gemstones or crystals and measures between 8”and 9”.

Howlite Crystal Wand

Correspond to career and study, and the matching eye of Horace represents the supreme monarchy. Enhancement of power, and magnificence of wealth.

Amethyst Crystal Wand 

Represents calm with the five stars representing the goddess of earth and being protected by the gods and peace along with spiritual support, relieving moods and solving the emotional crisis. The flower of life represents infinite creation, the continuity of life, and the release of infinite energy.

Rose Quartz Crystal Wand 

Relieve moods and solve emotional crises. The flower of life, the flower of life, represents the infinite creation and the continuity of life, and the release of infinite energy.

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Received my wand yesterday

I bought the Rose Quartz wand and my god This is the most fabulous wand I have ever seen! Been looking for a long time for something just like this.