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Citrine Crystal Quartz Witches Healing Crown

Citrine Crystal Quartz Witches Healing Crown

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 Quartz Crystal Crown

Witches Citrine Crysal Quartz Crown made from citrine crystals and is full of energy and will make you feel fabulous. Citrine crystals help open the sacral chakra and activate creative forces that hold a high vibration of self-empowerment, creativity, abundance, and generosity.

Wear this quartz crystal crown daily to provide protection, balance, and harmony. The color of the citrine crystals ranges from golden yellow to golden green and orange tones with darker browns in between. Making this quartz crown a great addition to your spiritual collection. Each crystal crown is lovingly created and cleansed before being packaged and shipped to you in a proper crown box from Minnesota with free shipping.

How the Citrine Crystal Quartz Crown Works:

1. Find a place to display your witch crown in your home or studio.

2. Take time to sit with your crystal goddess crown, feel the energy, and enjoy its beauty.

3. Notice how you feel when you are around it?

4. You can program the crown with your intentions by envisioning your goal as you hold it.

5. Use the Citrine Crystal Quartz Crown for meditation, and tarot cards.

Crystal Quartz Crown Meditation


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Customer Reviews

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Nicole Crnkovich
Angel Aura crystal crown

My husband surprised me with this crown and it’s absolutely stunning! I definitely will be shopping here in the future.

I just received the crown

I just received the crown . It’s beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you for making it so quickly and sending it to me so fast. My granddaughter is going to be delighted.