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Black Crystal Quartz Witch Crown Headpiece

Black Crystal Quartz Witch Crown Headpiece

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Black Obsidian Crystal Crown

Handmade black obsidian crystal quartz witch crown headpiece created with special black wiring to hold the crystals on the quartz crown firmly in place.  Black obsidian crystal a strong psychic protection stone and potent purifier of psychic smog formed within your aura. With metaphysical powers to help you protect yourself from negative energy. Each crystal crown is lovingly created and cleansed before being packaged. Programmable Crystal! 100% Natural, Non-Toxic: men or women can wear this witch crown one size to fit anyone.

How To Program You Crystal Quartz Crown:

1. Find a place to display your witch crown in your home or studio.

2. Take time to sit with your crystal crown, feel the energy, and enjoy its beauty.

3. Notice how you feel when you are around it?

4. You can program the witch crown with your intentions by envisioning your goal as you hold it.

5. Use the Crystal Quartz Crown for meditation, and tarot cards.

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Customer Reviews

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Bought for a gift

Shipping was fast, crown Was well packaged and my wife loves it.

In LOVE with my new crown

Delivered in nice black crown box once I opened the box I have been Wearing my crown ever since well except to bath. Fast shipping too!