About Us

Founder/Owner Of Witch Apothecary Shop

Hi there, my name is Erin Peralta owner of Witch Apothecary Store our metaphysical shop created to bring our witchy customers enchanting, and incredibly powerful apothecary products and decor. Thrilled with the non-invasive and effective holistic approach my passion for energy healing that has never disappeared in a decade and a half. Plunged into all the topics I found. Studied Wicca, Chi, Reiki, Quantum Healing, etc. currently Reiki Level 2 student and on the way to being a Reiki Master. Now have the freedom to work on open up the energy channels more deeply. It is the craft I enjoy doing at home with my two daughters' and cherish my ability to be mindful and to channel energy as a way to help others. I believe that every magic needs a beautiful home, no matter how small or big it is. Especially when it’s all about your self-growth and spiritual journey, choosing a good place is very important!

These Apothecary Cabinets will help you in creating the same for yourself. Authentic Apothecary Boxes designed for the beginners and seasoned witches, who wish to experience the world of Wicca and Paganism. The antique finish coupled with our specially-designed package makes it a perfect starting point for your spiritual journey. An altar is a space where you can feel safe to reflect and be yourself. It’s your own personal sacred space and a place of creation, as well as a reminder that you are part of something greater than yourself.

Witch Apothecary Shop, we want to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the products they receive. That is why our first priority is making sure you are satisfied. Our products speak for themselves!

Our witchcraft supplies are a great witchy gift for all mom witches, beginner witches and seasoned witches. May, your altar assist you in staying connected to the goals you have set for your day and life. Enjoy the process and experience more serenity, calm and love in all areas of your life.