Bay leaf spells, how to use bay leaf? What spells can I use bay leaves in?

Simple Bay Leaf Spells

  1. Bay leaf can be added to consecrated water and sprinkled over a sickroom, or it can be used as a hand and face wash to promote total healing. Bay is also considered to boost strength, if you participate in physical exercises.
  2. Tuck a bay leaf inside each shoe for added endurance, as athletes and wrestlers did in ancient times.
  3. Is there someone you'd like to hear from your past? To entice a call or message, write their name on a bay leaf and tuck it into your phone case.
  4. Sprinkle simple spells throughout a business to attract people.
  5. For money spells, add oil to a green candle.
  6. To protect yourself, prepare bay leaves inside a soup.
  7. Add to every ritual or potion that boosts psychic powers. 
  8. For cleansing a sick room, burn bay leaves.
  9. Throughout healing rituals, wear bay leaf wreaths.
  10. Bay leaf can be used as a repellent banishment ritual.
  11. For break curses, combine with sandalwood.
  12. Wear to ward off bad fortune 
  13. To make your wish materialize, write it on a dry bay leaf and then burn it.

The spell below is from the book Herb Magic: Introduction to Magical Herbalism and Spells. She has so many different spells using all the different herbs and they are easy so I thought I would share one.

Have you had a toxic person leave your home recently? The first step in eradicating their negative energy is to get dispose of all they own. Then, using this home purification method, cleanse thoroughly. For added magical power, prepare this on the night of the full moon.

1 tablespoon bay leaf, fresh or dried 

1 tablespoon hyssop, fresh or dried

1 tablespoon rue, fresh or dried 

1 tablespoon witch hazel, fresh or dried

Drawstring cloth bag 

1-gallon hot water

Place the herbs in the drawstring bag and add it to the hot water. Stir it in a clockwise direction to blend it.

Use the water to wash your hard floors and clean your windows. As you clean, say, my home is sacred, my home is safe, my home is a sanctuary, and with this water, I cleanse it of ill intent and negative energy.

When you’ve finished, take the water outside to dispose of it.

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