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Quartz Crystal Witch Crown Meditation

How To Meditate Using A Witches Quartz Crystal Crown

What is a crystal quartz crown?

Witch crowns is simply a tiara crafted with energetically charged crystals. Practicing witches may use a crystal headpiece in Wiccan or Pagan rituals, spell working, and meditation.

Crystal crowns also make lovely accessories! For an ethereal look, be sure to check out our lovely Glinda the good witch crown! If you are a practicing witch or interested in seeing how a crystal crown or witch crown can enhance your meditative state, read on!

How can a crystal crown benefit your meditation practice?

Meditating with a crystal crown can help you in achieving a specific intention, like traveling to the astral plane in your meditative state, connecting with a higher power, or performing shadow work.

The crystal witch crown also acts as a physical reminder of my intention, which can keep your mind from straying too far while in your meditative state. In this way, it’s perfect for helping you gather your focus if you have a hard time doing so otherwise.

How to meditate with a crystal quartz crown:

Meditating with a crystal crown is actually very easy! There are many ways to incorporate one into your practice, but here’s a quick and easy guide to get you started:

Set your intention.

Before you begin meditation, you’ll want to set your intention. Consider what you are trying to achieve in this session. Whether you’re looking to open your mind’s eye, perform shadow work, or find a deep well of creativity within yourself, you’ll need to maintain focus on your intent from start to finish.

Select your witch quartz crown.

You’ll want to select a witches’ crown with crystals that amplify your intent. If you’re meditating to prepare for spell work or enhance your psychic prowess, then our blue witch headdress is a perfect addition to your next ritual!

If you want a quartz crown that can be reused for a variety of intentions, then we recommend a clear quartz crown. This crystal is special in that it can be charged with any energy or used to enhance any kind of intention.

1. Cleanse your witches quartz crown.

Before you start your meditation ritual, cleanse your crown to rid it of any stagnant energies or those remaining from previous workings. You can do this with incense, sage, or bells. Be careful when using water for cleansing crystals, as not all of them should be exposed to it.

2. Charge or bless your crystal crown.

Now that your witch crown is cleansed, charge it with your intention. You can do this by carefully focusing your intent while holding your crown or even by placing it in a crystal grid.

3. Wear your quartz crystal crown.

This is the fun part: securely place your crown - much like a wire headband - and marvel at your beauty!

4. Meditate with your crystal crown.

Now that you’ve prepared and placed your crystal witch crown, it’s time to start meditating. Find a comfortable location or spend time basking in the beauty of nature like the goddess you are!

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