What is a green witch?

What Is A Green Witch?

Have you ever heard of green witchcraft? If you love nature and magic, green witchcraft is for you! It is a wonderful form of witchcraft that can enrich your spiritual practice. Here you will find a complete beginner's guide to practicing green witchcraft, with everything you need to know to start!


What Is Green Witchcraft?

Green witchcraft is the magic and wisdom of nature. As a green witch, you learn to reconnect with these magical forces and live in harmony with them. This practice includes applying elemental magic, which makes use of the four elements of nature. Magic is the art of consciously influencing the internal world. When you change the internal world, you will see a change in the external world. Green witchcraft or elemental magic has to do with influencing the ethereal forces of nature.

How To Practice Green Witchcraft

 Do you want to practice green witchcraft? Here is what you need to know as a beginner! Understand how elemental magic works. Magic with nature is possible because each plant, rock, and animal has an "elemental": the soul or consciousness of that creature. Elementals live in the fourth dimension or the etheric plane. Many ancient cultures knew about these creatures and called them fairies, nymphs, goblins, dryads, dwarfs, trolls, mermaids, sylphs, etc. They are invisible to the physical eye, but you can train yourself to see these creatures with some practice. When you perform magic with a plant, what makes the magic is not the physical part of the plant, it’s elemental. As a beginner in green witchcraft, it is vital to understand that principle and honor the life that resides in each living creature. Set an intention; as with any other type of magic, you need to have an intention. In other words, a conscious purpose. Do you need healing? Maybe some motivation? Do you need a plant to help you with prosperity, love, or healing?  Whatever you choose, make sure it's for the greatest good. For example, it is not okay to violate a person's free will or desire negative things for someone else. Gather your magical implements. Sometimes rituals require specific procedures or implements. If that's the case, you need to get yours. It may include herbs, crystals, a wand, incense, feathers, candles, altar supplies, or other things depending on the ritual.

Green Witch Herbs List

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Green Witch Herbs for spells, love, and protection

Dried Mugwort

Dried Mugwort

Rose Buds

Rose Buds
Dried Lavender Buds 

Dried Lavendar Buds




Chamomile Flower 


Chamomile Flower


Dry Bay Leaf

Dried Bay Leaf


Ask the spirit of the plant for help. Before doing anything with any plant, first, you need to ask the elemental for help. Ask your inner god or goddess to make a petition to the spirit of the plant to assist you in whatever you need. Then, you can prepare an infusion of the plant and drink it, bathe with it, smudge it or carry it with you, depending on the case. Devote time to your practice. It's essential to take your spiritual practice seriously and devote time to it. See your rituals as sacred moments to connect with Mother Nature and the divine.

Here are some things you can do as a green witch.
Crystal elixirs:

A crystal elixir is a crystal-infused water. Water is a receptive compound that charges from the energy of everything you put in it. Crystals, for example, have beautiful, powerful energy. Each crystal has its particular vibe. When you put a crystal in the water, the water captures the energy of that crystal. Then, you can use the water for whatever you want. For example, you can add it to your bath, you can spray it all over your room for harmony, can use it to recharge yourself energetically, can mop the floor with it to remove negativity, etc.

Herbal Positions

The same principle that occurs with crystal elixirs also applies to herbal potions. Water captures the energy of the specific plant you want to work with, and you can use the infusion for any magical practice you need. You can also use alcohol or oil, depending on the case.

Herbal Baths

Our subtle bodies are charged with negativity, and we need to cleanse them as we do with our physical bodies. You can make herbal baths to achieve this. The process is easy. Make an herbal infusion and apply it directly to your body after a shower. Let it sit, and meanwhile, you can pronounce some mantras (like "OM). Then, dry yourself with a towel.

Use these herbs for energetic herbal cleansing:

  • Rue
  • ¬†Wormwood
  • ¬†Sage
  • Mugwort
  • ¬†Rosemary

Use these herbs for harmony:

  • Roses
  • Cinnamon
  • ¬†Lavender
  • Clove
  • Chamomile

You can also use this herbal infusion to cleanse your house. For instance, apply it with a spray or mop the floor with it.

Smoke cleansing is another way to bring harmony and dissipate negativity. Put herbs or resins on burning coals and pass the smoke in your house or all over your body. Some common herbs and resins for this practice include frankincense, myrrh, Palo Santo, copal, sage, cedar, and cinnamon. Use your imagination!

Energetic cleanse in a river. Bodies of water are powerful places. They are surrounded by the forces of nature. That is why they are great places to align yourself with positive energies. Go to any natural body of water, such as a river, a lake, or the sea, and ask Mother Nature permission to enter. Then, immerse yourself completely. Let it do its magic.

Magick Witch Wand

Magic wands are wonderful tools for spell casting and magic. They are useful to project energy where you intend. They are often made from cedar or pine, but you can also find crystal wands. You can find a cedar tree, ask it for permission and take one of its branches with you. Then you can use that branch as a wand. If you want, scrape the bark off it, round off the edges, and use sandpaper to make it smooth. If you prefer, you can purchase a magic wand online or in a local store, or in our Witch Apothecary shop has some very unique long wooden wands like this.

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There is a lot that you can do to connect with the magic of nature. Here are more ideas! Surround yourself with plants. A green witch loves plants and has a lot of them. They harmonize any space and spark positivity.

Honor your food

Before eating, take some time to appreciate your food and be grateful for it. Bless it and charge it with positivity.

Have your own garden

Having a garden is one of the best ways to connect with nature. If you don't have a backyard, you can have a small garden on your windowsill or porch. Growing plants from seeds is a lovely experience that can teach you a lot about the value of life. And if you can grow your own food, it will benefit from all the love you put into it. When you eat it, you will receive all of that positivity back.

Read a lot

As a beginner witch, you should be educating yourself to learn more. There is a vast array of esoteric knowledge. Many occultists wrote about elemental magic, and there is so much wisdom we can learn from. Here are some books to start! The authors are famous occultists.

Take care of your body

Your body is a temple of Mother Nature. Treat it the way it deserves. Honor how nature operates within you. That also involves respecting and honoring your natural cycles. For example, if you menstruate, honor each stage of your menstrual cycle and don’t do anything that harms your body.

Visit Nature

It may be hard to be a green witch If you live in the city but try to make an effort to visit nature as much as you can. Try to do it at least once a month. Visit a beach, a mountain, a lake, a river, or whatever you have closer to you. And when you can’t, visit a park nearby. Breathe the fresh air, walk barefoot, hug a tree, and have fun! There is magic happening when you reconnect with your essence.


Green witchcraft is great for everyone who loves nature and the magic it inspires. You can practice green witchcraft anywhere, don’t feel limited because you live in the city. Magic is everywhere If you are connected to your essence. Remember that nature is within you!

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